Embree Communications

Service, installation and upgrades to communication networks for industrial, retail & service industry


Since 2007 Embree Communications has been working with individuals, small businesses and multi national companies to provide installation and repair service for their communication wiring and equipment. We know each situation is unique and we work hard to insure your complete satisfaction. Some of the many services we have provided include:


  • Onsite tech support, both independent and third party.
  • Structured cabling – Voice, data (Cat5e, Cat6, fiber) and audio/video in both residential and commercial buildings
  • Relocation of existing wiring and additional cabling in existing buildings
  • Communication wiring clean-up - Removal and disposal of obsolete equipment, re-terminate existing wiring and label all wiring and equipment. Dress patch cords and wires around servers, data switches etc. to provide a neat and easy to maintain environment.
  • Nortel phone system maintenance - We are experienced with Nortel Phone systems and equipment; we can provide parts and service to most Nortel, Meridian and Norstar systems.
  • Wi-Fi set-up – provide wireless access to your patrons, motels, waiting rooms and public areas
  • Security cameras – both analog and networked


We are familiar with the procedures and technology used by both Eastlink and Aliant and can work seamlessly with either provider or your technical support team to provide services or troubleshoot issues.

Although our focus has been on providing great service to the commercial, retail, medical professionals and agriculture industry, all customers can expect professional and personal attention to any communications issues you may have.

photo1   photo4
BEFORE                                                 AFTER


mess of wires   cleaned up panel
BEFORE                                                      AFTER

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