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Seeking:          Communication/Structured Cabling Assistant/Technician
Permanent Part-Time leading to Full-Time
                                    Wages to be determined with regard to experience ($15-25/hr)


About Embree Communications

E.C. is a small and growing telecommunications company based in the Annapolis Valley that is focused on providing exceptional service to our clients.

Not only do we seek to be known as the structural cabling experts in the Valley and HRM, specializing in installing and maintaining low voltage cabling, infrastructure and equipment. We also strive to be the “go to” name when it comes to communication “service calls” for smaller jobs that seem impossible to find the right team to complete.

Job Details

As a Technician with E.C. each day will be challenging, rewarding and unique. Situations include; installing and terminating communications cabling, either in existing buildings, new construction or renovations, optimizing and improving the efficiency of existing organizations by installing and configuring a number of low voltage technology solutions or assisting a client by improving their communications network.

You will be constantly upgrading your skills as technology changes and we seek better ways to serve our clients.

Because extensive travel and ongoing learning will be a major part of your daily routine, being flexible in your schedule will be valuable as it will at times be necessary to adjust your start, stop and length of day to fit the task at hand.

Each day you will bring with you a positive attitude, ready and willing to provide exceptional and professional customer service, determined to overcome challenges, whether it be technical, scheduling issues or a distinctive client requests.

At E.C. we will be fair with you, provide ongoing support, training and opportunities for you to grow in both your career and personal life. Although we often see tight schedules and demanding work (both physically and mentally) we highly value family time and we understand and support your need for recreational time away from work.

Our hope is that you will not be seen as just an employee but an extension of our family.


* Will have an attention to detail.

* Love to learn and grow

* Enjoys helping and teaching others

* Professional, neat and conscientious

* Safe work practices

* Clean driving record

* High School Diploma

Due to the unique service we provide and the constantly changing technology market, we will happily train the ideal candidate.

Please send resumes to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deadline: Sept 8, 2019

We understand your organization is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand you before offering a solution, a solution that is based on providing you the best service possible. We have been working with business professionals, agriculture, commercial, retail and small business since 2007 to provide the best customer service possible.

chicksWhen my grandfather started farming, if he wanted a report on the chickens without leaving the house that meant sending one of his daughters out and hoping the information was accurate.

Today farmers are using technology in ways that, in the past were hardly even concepts, (i.e. Self steering tractors with integrated GPS).

Many farmers rely on cameras and other technology as a way to quickly check on the livestock at critical or inconvenient times. For example a camera in a calving barn (linked to a cell phone) has proven very useful at night during winter storms. Do you really want to head out to the barn at midnight in 3 feet of snow to find the overly pregnant cow is sleeping peacefully? Or the opposite, thinking everything is fine only to find out it wasn’t in the morning.

Recently we established a wireless connection between a house and chicken barn about 1100ft as a way to allow monitoring to happen remotely. Feed and water levels, temperature, even the birds’ weight can all be checked on a smart phone.

It’s unlikely my Grandfather’s generation could never have imagined barns like that.


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