Service, installation and upgrades to communication networks for industrial, retail & service industry

Where we're from and what we do

Embree Communications installs, maintains, and troubleshoots communication cabling and related equipment, including; voice, data, coax, paging and other low voltage cabling, such as video cameras.

Since 2007 Embree Communications has been the trusted name for onsite technical support for several major telecommunications companies serving multi-location retail outlets.

We are certified as communications specialists for pre-wiring; new construction, renovations and expansions. We are familiar with the technology used by both Aliant and Eastlink and can work seamlessly with either service provider or your IT department.

As a small company we pride ourselves on offering high quality personalized service, and quick response to your needs. We have worked with many local industries including agriculture, commercial, institutions and medical professionals. Located in Canning we are proud to serve all of Nova Scotia.

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